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Brushed Designs Paint Party Setup
  • What is your pricing for private paint parties?
    Our pricing for private paint parties ages 12+ depends on the number of guests and the size of canvas chosen. Here's a break down of pricing by size: 11"x14" canvas- $38 per person 14"x14" canvas- $40 per person 16"x20" canvas- $48 per person We do require minimum of 8 people for all of our paint parties, so if you have less than 8 guests your pricing would be based off of the 8 person minimum.
  • How do paint parties work?
    Paint Parties are fun events where your guests get to create a work of art together! Our staff will lead your guests through the project step-by-step. You provide the venue, table, and chairs. We'll provide everything needed for you and your guests to complete your chosen project. When you book a Paint Party, you will choose your design and we'll discuss what to expect, venue details, and any questions you may have. We'll set up a registration page where you and your guests will pre-register for the party. Then we'll see you at your event! We do require pre-payments and a minimum of of 8 guests for paint parties.
  • Do you teach in-person classes?
    Under "normal" circumstances, we do offer in-person paint parties and classes. All of our in-person events that are open to the public are listed on our UPCOMING EVENTS page.
  • How far will you travel for a paint party, and do you charge?
    Our distances for travel and travel fees vary based on the event, however generally speaking we will travel up to 1 hour in one direction without charging travel fees. For distances beyond 1 hour of drive time and up to 3 hours, we charge a $10 flat fee per person which can either be added to ticket pricing or paid by the host. For distances beyond 3 hours drive time (approx 150 miles), please contact us.
  • Do you offer fundraisers for groups?
    We do offer a fundraiser option with our art kits, and can work with you to create an event that will be beneficial for your group, scout troop, or school! Use our art kits as an opportunity to raise funds and provide a fun, engaging experience for your supporters. Contact us for more specific information and ideas.
  • How do you teach your classes?
    Our virtual (online) paint parties are taught live through Zoom. When you sign up for a virtual paint party, you receive the link and sign in information for the Zoom event. Recorded tutorials are available on a private page here on the Brushed Designs website. For any classes in which you register, you'll receive a code to access the private page. There, you'll be able to view either a live or recorded video. In-person classes are taught at a venue and registration is subject to the host. If there is an open/public registration for an event, we post information on our Upcoming Events page here on the website as well as all our social media.
  • What are art kits?
    Brushed Designs Art Kits vary based on their theme, but generally speaking an art kit contains items that help kids, teens, and adults create a fun project using different art mediums and supplies.
  • What kinds of art kits do you offer?
    We offer various art kits throughout the year. Our specialties are canvas art kits and ceramic art kits. We also offer kits with classes and special events, which include online or in-person instruction.
  • Does Mini Monet include the book?
    Mini Monet kits do not include a physical copy of the book. The book is read during the video tutorial, after which we give instruction for the featured project. When you purchase a Mini Monet kit, you are purchasing supplies for a project as well as project instruction.
  • Do you charge shipping?
    We do charge shipping for all of our physical items. Shipping price is based on the size and weight of an item, and we always strive to find the best rate available. For the size of our kits, most of the time that rate is priority mail through USPS. If you have questions or concerns regarding shipping a large amount of items, please contact us and we can research the best options for you.
  • How often do you design new kits?
    We strive to update our shop weekly with a few new kits, and may do it more often before holidays and special occassions. That means you'll always have something new to create!
  • How long does it take you to ship?
    Our kits usually ship out in 2-3 business days. We hand draw each and every one, to order. This gives us the option to offer many designs, and also provides the unique opportunity for quality control. This also means it takes a little time to get your order ready for you. Larger orders, such as for fundraisers or groups, may take a little longer. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you plan on placing a large order.
  • I don't see a design that will work for my Girl Scout Troop, Can you make one for us?"
    Yes! We are always open to creating a design for you or your event. If you don't see something that works for you in our design options, contact us and we'll work together to get a design that fits your needs.
  • Do your kits come with instructions?
    Our Kid Art Kits do not come with instructions. One of our goals as a business is to foster imagination and open-ended activities for kids. This means we want children to feel the freedom and joy of investigating their own creativity while using our art materials. For our canvas art kits, we do provide a picture of a sample painting that is accessible online. If your child wants to recreate it in the same way we did, they can view the painting in our gallery and interpret how they would like to paint. Our Art Kits + Tutorials, many of our Ceramic Kits, and our Classes come with either recorded or live instruction. These items will state in the item description that a tutorial or instruction is included.
  • What is your pricing for kid birthday parties?
    We offer a few packages for our youth paint parties for ages 5-11. Here's a breakdown of each of our options.
  • My daughter wants a themed paint party, can you do it?
    Yes we can! We offer several options when it comes to birthday parties and we'll help you choose the one that is best for you. You can choose to host a themed paint party that would include in-person instruction. We can also pack up kid art kits for you as a paint-at-home party option if you prefer not to have in-person instruction.
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